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Getting The Most Out Of A Home Solar System

Getting the Most Out of a Home Solar System

Is solar right for you? At NJ Solar, we believe that the right solar system can benefit almost any homeowner. However, getting the right solar system means understanding your current energy consumption, your energy use habits, and how a solar system can help you. Here are some steps to take to help you get the right system and to ensure that you are getting the most from that system.

Look at your home’s overall energy efficiency. Surprisingly, homes with low energy efficiency may see the most immediate benefit from a solar power installation. That is because they have higher energy consumption ratings. However, this immediate benefit is short term. Poor energy efficiency always costs more in the long run, plus it is bad for the environment, even if you are using green energy. Any extra energy you produce could be going back to the grid. So, do an efficiency overhaul. Weatherize your home, update inefficient appliances, and make sure you are replacing standard bulbs with high efficiency LEDs!

Determine how much sun your home is exposed to. Solar energy may be for everyone, but not everyone can install their panels in the same space. How much sun does your roof get at various times throughout the day? You want to install your solar panels in an area with good exposure, preferably southern. You can find tools online to help you map the best location. Of course, one of our NJ Solar experts can also help you find the right space.

Get bids from multiple solar installers. At NJ Solar, we think we are going to offer you the best combination of customer service and price available. We have our entire business built on that premise. However, any time you are getting major work done on your home, you should get bids from multiple providers. That helps you understand what products and services you are getting. Different providers may also mention different configurations or options, which allows you to learn more and ask questions.

Ready to get started on your solar transformation? Give us a call. We are happy to schedule a consultation and help you plan your solar system.