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New Jersey’s Authority on Solar Energy (732) 269-0308

Take Control of Your Electric Bills & Make Money with Solar Panels

Solar panels are a lucrative investment that will make you money! You earn one solar renewable energy credit (SREC) for every 1,000 kWh of electricity your solar panels generate, which you can trade in for cash. SRECs are an easy, guaranteed way to bring in extra money. Solar panels also put you in control of your electric bills. They’ll reduce or eliminate your monthly electricity costs and protect you against rising rates, putting money directly back into your pocket. Imagine what you could do with an extra $150+ a month! Your earnings will stack up so high that your solar panels will pay for themselves in just a few years. After that, any money they save is pure profit.

New Jersey’s Leading Solar Expert Since 2003

When it comes to solar panel installation, experience matters. NJ Solar Power is one of the most experienced solar installers in New Jersey. We’ve been driving the solar revolution forward for over two decades and have won awards for Environmental Excellence and the New Jersey Clean Energy Project of the Year along the way. Through it all, our commitment has been to our customers and we continue to make solar panel installation easy and profitable for New Jersey homeowners and businesses.

Cash Incentives

Solar renewable energy credits are a cash incentive you earn just for using your solar panels!

Net Metering

Sell the excess electricity you generate to your utility and get an instant credit to your account. Net metering will be reduced soon, so act now to maximize your benefits.

Tax Breaks

Save 30% on your solar panel installation with the federal solar tax credit. In addition, solar is exempt from property taxes in New Jersey.

Immediate Savings

You can be cash flow positive on day one with solar panels!

Whole Home Energy Solutions

Electricity is one of the most important resources in modern times. We use it for everything from heating and cooling our houses to charging our iPhones and even powering our electric cars. With so much of your daily life revolving around electricity, it only makes sense to have a Home energy system that’s designed to meet your specific needs.  

NJ Solar Power designs and installs custom solar energy systems tailored to your home, electricity consumption, and budget. We will make sure your system is sized to cover up to 100% of your electricity consumption so you can maximize your profits and return on investment. We install all types of solar power systems, including rooftop solar panels, ground-mounted solar panels, solar batteries, commercial solar panels, solar carports, and more.


Real Results for Real New Jersey Homeowners & Businesses

NJSP not only installs quality systems but by giving the ability to monitor our energy portfolio and then act on that information sets them apart in this industry.

We chose NJ Solar Power because they gave us options on installation and financial planning tools that made sense. They were very professional and efficient with their work.

They also handled all of the paperwork when it came to the rebates, which made it so easy for us during this transition.

Solar News

In August 2022, Congress passed an extension of the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), raising it to 30% ..

NJ Solar Power is a leading solar power firm that offers a complete line of turnkey solar system solutions for residential, commercial, and government clients. The company is a full-service solar power provider and partner throughout the life of the solar panels. NJ Solar Power strives to produce the best results and can proudly say that over 400+ operational sites to date are using their equipment, with over 200,844 MWH delivered and more than 17,735926 lbs of CO2 reduced. Read some of our news, updates, and more to help understand more about our company.

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