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New Jersey’s Authority on Solar Energy (732) 269-0308

When a problem arises with your solar energy system, it’s important to fix it fast. Leaving an issue unresolved can result in downtime, reducing your system’s output and costing you money. 

NJ Solar Power is the solar panel maintenance company to call when you need solar panel maintenance or repair. We are a locally owned and operated business with over 20 years of experience installing and maintaining solar energy systems in New Jersey. Our trucks are fully stocked so we can get your system back up and running right away!

We Service ALL Solar Energy Systems!

NJ Solar Power provides solar maintenance and repair services for all residential and commercial solar energy systems, even those we did not originally install. If your solar installer went out of business and left you stranded with a system that needs maintenance, we are here for you!

Solar Maintenance Services

Solar panels are remarkably low maintenance, which is part of what makes them such a great investment.

Even though you don’t have to worry about scheduling service every six months for your solar panels like you do for your HVAC system, you should still have your solar panels serviced on occasion. You should also schedule solar panel maintenance if you notice a problem, like a sudden drop in output.

NJ Solar Power can help with all of your solar maintenance needs, including:

Roof Repair & Replacement with Solar Panels

A proper solar panel installation starts with a strong foundation! If your roof is old or damaged, it’s a good idea to replace it before you install your solar panels. NJ Solar Power offers roofing services to set your solar installation up for success. We will make sure your new roof is not only installed correctly but also strong enough to support your solar energy system.

If you need to repair or replace your roof after you install solar panels, NJ Solar Power can help. We specialize in reroofing solar homes and will get the job done as quickly as possible to minimize your solar system’s downtime. We’ll store the panels safely, complete the necessary roof repairs or replacement, and re-install your panels on your new roof. We’ll take care of everything so you don’t have to coordinate with a separate roofer and solar panel installer to get the job done. With us, you get everything you need from one trusted company.

Solar Panel Repair Services

Solar panels are durable and it takes a lot to break them, but damage can happen. If your panels have been damaged in a hail storm, hit by a rogue baseball, or aren’t working properly for whatever reason, give us a call. We will send a solar panel repair technician out to diagnose the problem and repair or replace the damaged panels or components. 

Get the solar maintenance services you need fast! Call 732-269-0308 or contact us to schedule a service call.

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NJ Solar has been the Solar Power Professionals for over 20 years! Today, the state of New Jersey is a national leader in solar energy, but it wasn’t always that way. New Jersey Solar Power LLC has been there since the beginning of the solar energy revolution in NJ.

With awards for Environmental Excellence and the New Jersey Clean Energy Project of the Year, we’ve built a reputation worthy of being your partner in clean, efficient solar energy. Contact us today to get free customized pricing that’s tailored to your home or business.