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Between winter storms and summer heat waves, the New Jersey grid is being pushed to its limit year-round, which means power outages are inevitable. As severe weather patterns continue, it’s only going to get worse. To protect your home and family, you need reliable home backup power! 

Residential solar panels with battery storage are the solution. With a solar plus battery system, you can keep your essentials running while the grid is down so you never have to worry about a power outage again.

How Solar Batteries Work

Solar batteries work by storing the excess energy your solar panels generate for later use. You can use the energy stored in your solar battery bank at any time, including during a power outage. 

Unlike a generator, solar batteries provide backup power without burning fossil fuels. They recharge automatically from your solar panels whenever the sun is shining, so you never have to worry about fuel shortages or delivery issues during an emergency—if the sun continues to rise, you will have backup power.

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Why You Need a Solar Battery

Solar batteries help you get the most out of your solar energy system. The benefits include:

  • Self-sufficiency – The more power you produce and store yourself, the less you have to rely on your utility company. This is becoming especially important as NJ utility companies transition to time-of-use rate models, which increase rates when demand for electricity is highest (typically in the evening, when your solar panels are not producing power). With a battery, you can use stored energy during on-peak hours, avoiding increased rates.  
  • Backup power – Solar batteries allow you to keep your solar panels on during a power outage and provide reliable home backup power. 
  • 24/7 solar power – With battery storage, you can use stored solar power around the clock, even at night when your solar panels can’t generate electricity. 
  • Smaller carbon footprint – Solar storage batteries run on clean, renewable energy and are the most environmentally friendly option for home backup power. 
  • Incentives – Solar battery systems qualify for the 30% federal solar tax credit!

The Best Solar Batteries for New Jersey Homes

The best battery for your home depends on your backup power goals. Before recommending a battery, we’ll ask you about your goals and expectations. Is the plan to be 100% solar-powered and self-sufficient? Are you more interested in supplementing your grid power, or cutting down on our grid usage and overall energy costs? Whatever your goals may be, we will recommend the best solar backup power system to meet them. We install premium solar energy storage systems from top-rated manufacturers, including FranklinWH, SolarEdge, and Panasonic.

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New Jersey’s Solar Battery Experts

NJ Solar Power is a highly experienced solar installer you can trust with your solar battery storage installation! We are a locally owned and operated solar company that’s been in business for over 20 years and we’ve installed thousands of solar energy systems for New Jersey homeowners. Our team designs and installs custom solar energy storage systems that are tailored to your specific needs and we will find the best storage solution for your home, guaranteed.

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NJ Solar has been the Solar Power Professionals for over 20 years! Today, the state of New Jersey is a national leader in solar energy, but it wasn’t always that way. New Jersey Solar Power LLC has been there since the beginning of the solar energy revolution in NJ.

With awards for Environmental Excellence and the New Jersey Clean Energy Project of the Year, we’ve built a reputation worthy of being your partner in clean, efficient solar energy. Contact us today to get free customized pricing that’s tailored to your home or business.