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New Jersey’s Authority on Solar Energy (732) 269-0308

Stop Wasting Money on Inflated Energy Bills

Tired of paying for energy bills that are through the roof? Switch to solar products – the clean energy solution sweeping New Jersey.

As New Jersey’s solar authority, we will help to lower your monthly energy bills with our solar products. We’ve been installing solar systems for homeowners and businesses since 2003.

Why Invest in Solar Products?

By switching to solar systems, you can reduce your energy bills and invest that money right back into yourself. Don’t believe us? You can use our savings calculator and find out how much you could save by switching to solar energy in New Jersey.

That isn’t the only advantage of switching to solar products however! Advantages of a solar system installation from NJ Solar Power LLC include:

When investing in a solar system, you have the option to purchase or lease it. Many solar system installation companies will try to sell you on a lease in order to line their own pockets, but at NJ Solar Power, we know that owning your own system will save you money in the long run.

Call now to find out how solar products from NJ Solar Power can benefit your home or business in New Jersey.

EverVolt Home Energy System

Panasonic Total Home Solar Power Storage System

Hanwha Q Cells

Hanwha Q Cells Data Sheet

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NJ Solar has been the Solar Power Professionals for over 20 years! Today, the state of New Jersey is a national leader in solar energy, but it wasn’t always that way. New Jersey Solar Power LLC has been there since the beginning of the solar energy revolution in NJ.

With awards for Environmental Excellence and the New Jersey Clean Energy Project of the Year, we’ve built a reputation worthy of being your partner in clean, efficient solar energy. Contact us today to get free customized pricing that’s tailored to your home or business.