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Solar Battery Storage Systems

Recent technology has dramatically changed the possibilities for energy storage and use, allowing homeowners to customize their use to individual needs and situations like never before. The new software allows users to choose (or an option to set automatically) when to use solar, say during peak hours, to maximize solar energy use and cut down on peak-hour charges. Smartphones and applications allow customers to monitor and adjust their solar energy system whenever, wherever.

Some storage systems are all-in-one packages with batteries, inverters, hardware and more sold as one comprehensive, self-contained system. Other batteries and parts are sold individually, designed to be integrated into other systems. As technology improves and expands, so will the options available.

The pace of solar technology development has increased exponentially over the last few years and current lab tests are hinting at exciting results – like batteries that charge in minutes instead of hours and have much higher energy densities with longer lifespans – that will make systems more efficient and affordable.

The future is solar powered and it’s looking bright.