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There are a variety of reasons why people have switched or are considering switching, to solar energy to power their home, financial and environmental concerns chief among them. A 2019 Pew Research Center survey found that while only 6% of American homeowners have installed solar panels at home thus far, 46% percent say that they have given the idea serious thought, a 6% increase from 2016. You may find yourself in a similar position, wondering if it’s really worth the switch, and if so, how? In this blog we run through a few reasons that might help bring some clarity to the decision.

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NJ Homeowners Are Switching to Solar, But Why?

1.) Put some money back in your pocket
First off, switching to solar saves you money. While switching to solar power requires an initial investment, a solar system reduces the amount of grid energy you are using and will decrease your monthly utility bill. Exact savings will depend on a mix of factors, like electricity consumption, the size of your solar energy system, whether you purchase the system, the amount of direct sunlight hours you receive, the size and pitch of your roof and local electricity rates. With a large enough system, you can reduce your utility bill to zero, or even produce excess energy that can be sold. At NJ Solar Power, we offer options to recoup your investment in as little as six years, and a well-maintained system should easily last 20 years or more.

2.) Be part of the environmental solution
Switching to a more environmentally friendly energy solution is another major factor behind the increasing move toward solar power. It is one of the cleanest forms of energy available, far cleaner and safer for the planet than the burning of fossil fuels and other forms of energy production. Solar energy is a sustainable, renewable resource, meaning we don’t have to worry that we will run out of it in the future.

3.) Solar increases property value
Like other additions to your home, the installation of a solar energy system is considered an upgrade and will likely boost the value of your home. Studies from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory respectively found that homes with solar panels sold 20 percent faster than those without panels, and can raise the property value by an average of $15,000.

4.) Financing has never been easier
If cost has been a prohibiting factor in your making the switch, fear not! Not only do we offer homeowners a completely free assessment of their home’s solar capability, an assessment that includes evaluating system requirements based on the size of your home and your annual electricity usage, but we offer a ZERO DOWN purchase option to get you started. In addition, we eliminate the need to deal with a leasing company, offering several low-interest financing options designed to maximize your profits. What’s more, the federal government offers a 30% tax credit for homeowners who have switched to solar.

Solar energy is the future, and the sooner you make the switch, the quicker the savings will come rolling back, to say nothing of the environmental value! Give us a call today and let’s get that home upgrade started.

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