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Solar Panel Installation On House

Winter Installation

One of the bigger misconceptions about solar is that we cannot do solar panel installation in the winter. Actually, because the solar process can take a while, getting started on your solar installation in the winter is the best way to maximize your solar savings for the following year.

Tax Credits

The biggest single benefit of installing solar is the investment tax credit (ITC), also known as the federal solar tax credit. For 2022, the amount will remain at 26%. Next year will be the final year to take advantage of the 26% before it reduces to 22% in 2023.

Make Money

With solar, you can sell energy back to the grid. You get an energy credit when you send excess energy back to the grid. This process is known as net metering. Your electric meter will spin the other way, kind of like rolling back your odometer, except this is legal. If you install solar during the winter, when your electricity usage is lower, you can greatly reduce your electric bill through net metering. You may even be able to bank credits to use during the higher-demand hotter summer months.

Start the Process

The process of getting solar panels is quite involved. On our side, it is easy. We measure your home, customize a design, and set up installation. However, you will need approval from your town and utility company. The typical residential solar project can be installed approximately 8 weeks after signing up. Winter is a good time to start your project, as there may be less backlog in townships.

Winter Installation

Once you get all of your approvals, we can install panels any time of the year. As long as your roof is free from snow and ice, we can handle the installation. For New Jersey, this means that we are able to schedule an installation at most times, but that installation may be postponed due to weather. Winter can be a great time to be installed as you will have the chance to build up energy credits ahead of summer.