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The Solar Revolution

Since the University of Delaware constructed the first solar building in 1973, people have been talking about a solar revolution. Unfortunately, solar technology was not an affordable option for everyday consumers when it first began. Improvements over the last few decades have changed the solar industry dramatically. In fact, within the next 15 years the Energy Department’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy predicts that solar energy could supply up to 40% of the nation’s electricity.

To make that happen, residential consumers are going to need to continue to adopt solar at current rates or higher. Right now, solar only supplies about 4% of the energy in the United States. While the United States uses more solar energy than any other country in the world, except for China, we also have a high energy demand. Therefore, the percentage of our power that is derived from solar power is lower than in some countries that have embraced solar. Germany and Japan produce less solar power than the United States, but it represents a greater percentage of their overall energy consumption.

What would it mean for 40% of energy to be supplied by solar in the United States? Well, that would be enough solar power to handle household electricity demands. It is no wonder that household adoption of solar energy is one of the key drivers in the movement towards solar power.

For many people, one of the barriers to embracing solar has been a lack of supportive infrastructure. To help make solar cost-effective, people want the ability to sell excess solar energy to the grid, where other users can access it. However, in some places, the current infrastructure cannot handle that. Currently, President Biden is trying to get Congress to pass a massive infrastructure bill. Part of that bill would provide for upgrades to the grid, which would make it easier to sell your excess energy back to electricity providers.

The goal, of course, is to eventually use renewable energy sources to provide the majority of the power required in the United States. We are committed to moving towards a zero-carbon grid. One way we do that is by offering affordable, easy solar solutions for residential and commercial customers. With tax benefits for those who choose to install solar systems, solar is more affordable than you think. Contact us today to schedule a free electricity usage evaluation and a quote for your solar system.

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