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    Install a Solar System for your New Jersey Business

    High upfront cost is one of the biggest fears people have about switching to solar. NJ Solar Power offers a variety of options to accommodate your financial situation so that you can achieve money-making efficiency without breaking the bank. No money out of pocket No matter what financing option you choose, you'll be getting the same great customized system to take some of the stress out of those monthly power bills.

    Residential Purchase Program - Why Rent When You Can Own and Make a Profit?

    • Significant tax benefits
    • Up to 100% savings per month on an average power bill
    • Full return on investment in an average of 6 years
    • 24/7 monitoring
    • Annual electricity savings from not having to pay utility rate inflation
    • SREC income for 15 years
    • 30% Federal Tax Credit

    Commercial Program
    • Commercial loan
    • Operating lease
    • Capital lease