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Solar Storage Solutions

Solar Panel Batteries

There are many different types of batteries used for home energy storage, and each battery has its pros and cons. Some of the more popular batteries to be used for solar energy storage at home include lithium-ion, lead acid, nickel-cadmium, and saltwater. Learn more about each battery by clicking the button below.

Solar Storage

There are many specifications and technical details that you will encounter as you explore storage options for Solar Power, and many can seem complicated and confusing. Most likely you will be looking to determine how long a battery will last and how much power it can provide. To get to the bottom of this you should mainly concern yourself with a battery’s capacity and power rating, its depth of charge, round-trip efficiency, its manufacturer, and the warranty or offer.

Solar Battery Storage Systems

Recent technology has dramatically changed the possibilities for energy storage and use, allowing homeowners to customize their use to individual needs and situations like never before. The new software allows users to choose (or an option to set automatically) when to use solar, say during peak hours, to maximize solar energy use and cut down on peak-hour charges. Smartphones and applications allow customers to monitor and adjust their solar energy system whenever, wherever.