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Solar Storage Options and Goals

There are many specifications and technical details that you will encounter as you explore storage options for solar power, and many can seem complicated and confusing. Most likely you will be looking to determine how long a battery will last and how much power it can provide. To get to the bottom of this you should mainly concern yourself with a battery’s capacity and power rating, its depth of charge, round-trip efficiency, its manufacturer, and the warranty on offer.

Since we all have different goals and ideas in mind for our solar energy system, it’s important to identify and define what we would like our system to accomplish before we begin researching and narrowing down potential batteries and storage systems. Is the plan to be 100% solar-powered, self-sufficient, and capable of disconnecting from a power grid? Are you more interested in supplementing your grid power, or cutting down on our grid usage and overall energy costs?

A clearly defined goal will make the research and decision process clearer and easier to navigate.

LG Energy Solutions: RESU10H Prime

A home battery takes your energy independence to a new level. Not only can you use stored solar energy during the night, but also during power outages. Protect and power your home without relying on the electric utility.

  • The compact and sleek design of the RESU allows you to place it anywhere you want, both indoors and outdoors.
  • The RESU provides reliability for your home with its industry leading longevity.
  • The safety of LG Energy Solution’s
  • Lithium-ion Battery is proven in the automotive and ESS markets.
  • The RESU models can be combined up to 2 units to increase energy capacity.

Panasonic EverVolt

EverVolt™ battery storage system lets you tap into your private energy reservoir when you need it most. EverVolt™ battery storage system collects and stores surplus energy your solar panels generate during the day for instant access during peak hours and grid outages. Get one step closer to grid independence with the Panasonic total home solar system.

  • The same high-performing lithium-ion battery technology that powers the world’s fastest electric cars is now available to power your home
  • Works with both new & existing solar systems, or without solar panels
  • Modular design lets you add storage as your solar needs grow
  • User-friendly mobile app to manage your energy in real time
  • Complete 10-year Panasonic warranty covers battery cells & all components


Born of German Engineering and American Ingenuity, SONNEN products intelligently store and manage energy for when you need it most — with or without solar. Choose from SONNEN’s range of energy storage solutions to meet your home’s unique solar needs. Every SONNEN product comes with an unbeatable warranty, superior craftsmanship, and seamless integration with solar for cleaner, healthier living.

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