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Do Solar Panel Maintenance And Aftercare

Solar Panel Maintenance and Aftercare Tips

One of the reasons people love solar power is because it is low maintenance. As long as you take a few regular steps to keep your solar panels in shape, they should continue producing energy for years to come. In fact, newer solar panels can maintain up to 92 percent of their efficiency even after 20 years of use. Even older panels can still be operating at 80 percent or more of their original efficiency after that time.

While solar panels are low-maintenance, they are not no-maintenance. Here are some maintenance tips you can do to keep your solar panels operating as efficiently as possible.

First, you want to make sure you regularly inspect your solar panels. Yes, we know that is going to be tricky for most people. After all, most solar panels are rooftop. Still, you want to get up there and give them a close-up inspection at least once or twice a year. You also want to check on them after any storms with high winds or hail stones, just be sure that they have not suffered any damages.

Next, you want to make sure and clean your solar panels. Sure, rain will wash away some of the accumulated debris. Furthermore, panels are designed to help shed dust, debris, and pollen so that they can continue to work efficiently. However, they still need to be cleaned occasionally. You may be able to clean them from the ground. You can just spray water on the panels to clean off any dust or grime. If they seem to need a deeper cleaning, you can clean them with a soft rag and water. However, you want to make sure that you do not scratch their surfaces. So, if there is any debris like sticks or other sharp surfaces, you want to remove it prior to cleaning.

If you are scrubbing your panels, you need to be careful when you choose your cleanser. Abrasive cleaners can scratch the glass. Detergent cleaners smudge and streak, which can decrease the light getting to the panels. You can dissolve alcohol in water or use glass cleaners to clean the panels. You can also use a squeegee or other glass cleaning tool to keep them clean.

You want to make sure your panels are still getting enough sun. When you install the panels, the company should optimize their placement. However, trees grow, which can change sun patterns. Plus, if there is any nearby construction, it can change how much light you get. Make sure that you are still getting maximum sun. If not, you may want to remove and readjust your panels to maximize their energy output.

In fact, the final part of maintenance is checking on your energy usage. Most solar panels will come with some type of app or other technology that lets you monitor how much energy you are producing. It can also tell you how much energy you are using. If you notice a dramatic change in energy production on days with the same weather conditions, it can indicate a problem with your system.

If you do not want to handle your own maintenance, we can help. We offer maintenance, cleaning, and repair services to help keep your panels operating at their most efficient, for as long as possible.