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When you have solar, you love the sunshine. When the sun is shining, your panels are producing electricity without the need of solar panel batteries. You might even produce enough energy to sell some back to the grid. It can be fabulous to help you reduce your bills or even to help you take a step towards energy independence.

Of course, while you love sunny days, a gray and dreary day can be depressing. Your solar panels will produce far less power and you will probably need to supplement it by buying electricity. If you are trying for energy independence, those overcast days and nighttime can throw a wrench in the works.

Solar Panel Battery System

Getting a solar panel battery system is a great way to help you take advantage of solar energy, whether or not it is sunny outside. For most people, when the sun is shining, your panels can produce more energy than you use in a day. That energy is either unused or sold back to the grid. However, with a battery system, you can store that energy for your own use. You have it there, ready to access if you need it.

Battery systems are great for several reasons. First, they help you run on solar even when the sun is not shining, so they can reduce your ongoing electricity bills. They help you get energy independent by decreasing your reliance on the grid. Combined with solar panels, these solar panel batteries can also serve many of the functions of a generator, helping you through periods of time when the grid may be unavailable.

EverVolt Batteries

Panasonic uses EverVolt batteries for storage for its solar panel systems. The name may seem familiar to you. That is because EverVolt batteries power some well-known brands of electric cars. The technology is amazing. What many people may not realize is that you can get a battery backup for your home, even if you do not have a solar system. EverVolt batteries can store power from the grid, so that you have it available during power outages. They will not replace a generator for long periods of power loss, but they can provide uninterrupted power for hours. You can use them just to run key appliances for even longer time periods.

Plus, the EverVolt battery system is very user-friendly. The EverVolt app lets you handle your energy flow from your phone or tablet. With it, you can look at backup power levels, charge and discharge levels, and your consumption rates.

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