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Replace Your High Utility Bill with a Home Solar System Plus Battery Storage

Considering solar for your home? If you are already in the stage of gathering estimates, you may be surprised at the wide range of prices you are seeing. Some solar companies charge twice as much as their competitors for essentially the same product. Others include the price of a new roof in their quotes contributing to the confusion. Finally, some will vary in terms of how much of your current electrical usage they believe they will be able to offset. It is important to know all of these details when sitting down to decide if a solar system is a good financial investment for your home. However, if you find an affordable and reliable solar power provider, like New Jersey Solar Power, you may discover that you can replace a larger portion of your electricity usage with solar than you imagined and that the price is far more attainable than you thought it would be.

One of the biggest advantages of a home solar system is that it can include battery storage options, which can provide power when the electric grid is not functioning or in periods of high demand. This means that solar systems actually serve two purposes: reducing overall utility costs and providing power when the electric grid is down, whether that is due to power outages from weather or to rolling brownouts or blackouts caused by high energy usage.

Occasionally, home solar systems will not always be large enough to meet all of a family’s regular utility needs. What some people may not understand is that homeowners with solar are still connected to the electrical grid. If they need more power than they are generating, they can draw that energy from the grid. They can also sell excess power back to the grid, usually in return for credits against their own energy usage. Depending on the individual homeowner, this could result in utility bills that are virtually zero when averaged over the course of the year.

Many homeowners are initially intimidated by the up-front costs of a solar system. However, if you are contemplating switching to solar, you want to make the move sooner rather than later, since federal income tax incentives are set to decline over the next few years. Current federal credits mean the actual cost of your system is approximately 1/4th less than it would be without incentives. Furthermore, New Jersey Solar Power can arrange financing for your system, allowing you to pay it off in a number of years. This can mean that your total power budget, including the cost of your monthly electricity charges, and the payment for your solar system, may be much lower than your current utility bill.

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