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Prepping for Hurricane Season: A Solar Battery Solution

With hurricane season just around the corner, it’s time once again to assess how prepared you and your property are to withstand a severe storm. In addition to stockpiling water and other essentials, many people make plans for what they would do if left without power for a prolonged period of time. This usually means purchasing a generator and loading up on gasoline, but this solution comes with it’s own set of hurdles.

Have you considered what storm preparedness would look like with a solar energy system? With a storage solution, you could continue to power your home when the grid goes down with energy produced by your solar system and battery. For a handful of reasons, it’s worth some serious consideration!

How does this work?

Countless people have switched to solar power in recent years for a number of reasons. Saving money, saving the environment, and increasing their property value are among the most notable. One lesser discussed, but equally valuable, benefit of switching to solar energy is the resilience and self-sufficiency a home solar energy system provides.

For many folks, one of the ultimate goals in switching to solar energy is uncoupling the dependency on a traditional energy grid. While this not only delivers significant savings on utility bills, it also eliminates the headache of dealing with a downed power system, whether caused by a storm or other factors. With solar energy independence, a grid failure does not have any bearing on your ability to power your home. With solar battery storage, you can extend this piece of mind indefinitely.

The process is simple: battery storage systems help solar-powered buildings remain operable when the sun is not shining and provide electricity during power outages. Batteries used in conjunction with solar panel systems store extra energy generated when the sun is shining to be used when it is not.

Will my solar system withstand a storm?

It’s true—a solar energy system installed atop your home, like anything else, can be susceptible to the strong winds and torrential rain a hurricane can bring. And it is even possible that your solar panels could become damaged or temporarily inoperable in a severe weather event. This is where solar batteries are key. Using a solar battery system—like Tesla’s Powerwall or Generac’s PWRcell—allows you to use previously stored energy to power your home while your solar energy system is restored to full working order. Both Tesla and Generac’s battery solutions are customizable to accommodate the specific needs of your home and the energy capacity you’d like to store.

Getting set up, and beyond

Check out our Solar Storage blog here for a quick breakdown on the different types of solar batteries on the market today, and the pros and cons of each. This will help you determine which battery solution is best for you.

At NJ Solar Power we employ a team of the state’s best and most qualified engineers to design and maintain your solar energy system. Our technicians are trained to help you every step of the way, from picking out the right solar energy system for your property, to installation and dependable maintenance, whether it’s routine check-ups or repairs after a severe weather event.

For more information, and a free assessment of your property’s solar energy capability, give us a call today.

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