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Why Choose Panasonic

Panasonic is known for building quality electronics and has brought those same high-quality standards to its solar panels. That means solar technology that is at the top of its class. Plus, Panasonic partners with certified solar panel installers, such as NJ Solar Power, to ensure that you get the best solar experience available.

One of the best things about Panasonic solar panels is that they work with battery storage. Panasonic’s battery technology lets you store the power the panels generate. With battery storage, you get to use the power of the sun, even when the sun is not shining.

Investing in Solar

With the up-front costs of solar, some people worry about whether it is a smart investment. At NJ Solar, we take the time to sit down with every potential client and give you all of the information you need to make the right decision for you. Some solar providers will tell you that solar is always a smart choice. Unfortunately, that is not true. If you do not get enough sunshine, then solar will not work for you.

So, we start by assessing your site. Do you have good locations for solar panels? What is your current electricity usage? What type of monetary savings will you see after installing solar? Some people finance their solar panels and select terms that will keep the combination of their solar panel payments and any excess electricity costs roughly equivalent to their current electricity bills. You might think this would result in a net-zero. However, given the large tax credits that are currently available, it can actually make solar panels a good way to increase your current bottom line.

While the financial advantages are great, there are other reasons to go solar. Solar is a clean, zero-emissions form of energy. They can help you be energy independent. With enough solar panels, you can power your whole home or at least the essentials in your home. They reduce your carbon footprint. Finally, they can increase your property values.

Choosing Your Solar Panels

Once you decide on solar, you have to choose your product. Many of our customers are choosing Panasonic solar panels because of their projected long-term savings. Panasonic’s solar panels are built to last, which means they should provide years of low-maintenance power production. They are designed to handle tough weather, and provide great performance, even in suboptimal conditions. Finally, Panasonic uses earth-friendly sourcing and building, so that you know your choice to go solar is truly a green choice.

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NJ Solar has been the Solar Power Professionals for over 20 years! Today, the state of New Jersey is a national leader in solar energy, but it wasn’t always that way. New Jersey Solar Power LLC has been there since the beginning of the solar energy revolution in NJ.

With awards for Environmental Excellence and the New Jersey Clean Energy Project of the Year, we’ve built a reputation worthy of being your partner in clean, efficient solar energy. Contact us today to get free customized pricing that’s tailored to your home or business.