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Panasonic Names NJ Solar Power Residential Installer Of The Year!

Panasonic Names NJ Solar Power Residential Installer of the Year!

Every year, Newark, NJ Based Panasonic Corporation of North America announces winners of its 2022 Customer Appreciation awards. The Customer Appreciation Awards program has been around since 2019 and only recognizes authorized Panasonic solar installers who surpass customer expectations.

On January 10, 2023, Panasonic revealed the highest performing solar installers with the best customer service in America!

Residential Installer of the Year – NJ Solar Power!

Residential Installer of the Year Award recognizes those installers who excel better than any other installer in their associated region.

For the Northeast Region, that was us – NJ Solar Power! Which means that if you live in the tri-state area, you are in luck, because you have access to the best solar installer in all of the Northeast!

But why us? Why should we win such a prestigious award?

Well, we are the leading solar power firm in New Jersey. We offer a complete line of turnkey solar systems solutions for all kinds of clients – residential, government, and commercial!

As a full-service solar power provider and partner for the life of solar panels, we aim to produce the best results. In our efforts, we can proudly say that there are over 400 sites that use NJ Solar Power equipment with an estimated 200,000 megawatt-hours produced and over 18,000,000 pounds of carbon dioxide reduced!

Interested in Getting in on Solar?

Solar is becoming even easier and easier to invest in. As a leader in solar energy, we can do just about everything for you from solar feasibility studies, to providing upfront financing, to designing and managing your custom solar system, and even to processing rebates and any available tax credits.

Want to know more from New Jersey’s authority on solar energy? Please call us at 732-314-7319!