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Guide To Going Solar, NJ Solar Power, Custom Solutions

Guide to Going Solar

Before going to solar panels, it is important to take a realistic look at whether your house is right for solar. Some solar contractors New Jersey will tell you that every roof is right for solar. Unfortunately, that is simply not true. Some homes do not get enough sun to make rooftop solar a wise investment. In those instances, you may be able to install solar panels in other areas of your yard. In other instances, it may just mean that residential solar panels NJ are not right for you. A reputable solar panel company will evaluate your property to determine whether individual solar is right for you.

Benefits From Solar Panels

To determine how much benefit you can get from solar panels, New Jersey solar installers will look at several factors. New Jersey’s location means that it gets ample sunshine, year-round, to make solar panels a wise investment. However, we have to look at your individual sun exposure. Is there excessive shade on your roof? If your roof is shaded by trees on your property, you can have them trimmed to allow for more sunshine. However, if you are shaded by trees or buildings on other people’s property, there is little you can do to change that.

We also look at other factors. We look at the size, slope, and shape of your roof. Ideal roofs are south facing, with a mild 15-to-40-degree slope. They offer the optimum sun exposure for solar panels. You can still install panels on other roofs, but that will impact their efficacy.

What happens when your roof is not a good option? Some people install solar panels in their yards. If you have a sunny spot in your lawn, it can be a great fit. However, in most suburban yards, a yard installation will not have sufficient daylight sun exposure. That is why we look at your individual home to give you a plan customized to your yard.

If individual residential solar is not right for you, you may be interested in community solar. A community solar system serves several homes.

The best way to get started is to contact us today for an estimate. We send our professional team out to survey your roof and adjacent property. We also examine your current electricity usage. We help you determine how much replacement energy you could use, and how much replacement energy you could produce through a rooftop system. Armed with this information, you can help decide if solar is right for you.