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Do Home Solar Systems Help You Save Energy Bills?

Do Home Solar Systems Help You Save Energy Bills?

Solar panels have been growing in popularity for years now. Many began pioneering the way for their use due to their more environmentally friendly way of using and reducing electricity. However, they have spread far and wide mostly since home solar systems can help you save on your energy bills.

Investing in Your Energy

Perhaps the biggest hurdle for those looking to buy solar panels to save money is the upfront cost. Paying for solar panels might not be any different from paying for your regular energy bill for the next year, the next few years, or even the next decade. However, you must think of buying solar panels as an investment. By investing your money now, you can effectively eliminate your energy bill, and after a certain point in time, save money you would have otherwise kept spending.

The thing is, the amount of money you will save by changing to a home solar system is directly influenced by the amount of money you pay monthly for your energy bill. Feel free to check out our solar savings calculator for yourself to see! For example, if your monthly electric bill is $100 then you will be expected to save $42,000 for purchasing solar!

But that’s a pretty small bill, what if you spend $250 per month on your energy bill? Well, the estimated savings according to our calculator is $105,000!

Now consider that you never buy solar panels. All of that money would have been spent just paying your energy bill. Would you not rather have that extra $100,000 in your life than to dwindle it away on just keeping the lights on?

But that is not all solar panels can do for you. By adding a solar system to your home, it is considered an upgrade to your house. Therefore, the addition of the system will likely boost the value of your home! Interesting studies by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that homes that had solar systems installed raised their property values by an average of $15,000. Not only that but the homes that had solar panels were sold 20% faster than those which did not.

Save Money on Your Energy Bill Today!

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