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Clean Energy for your Health

If you are still purchasing your electricity in traditional ways, you are indirectly contributing to air pollution. We are not telling you this to shame you or to make you feel guilty for using electricity, but simply stating a fact. For most of us, the choice has always been to either consume electricity therefore contributing to air pollution or not to consume electricity, which is untenable in modern times. While solar has been available for many years now, along with the option to purchase electricity from “green” energy companies, these options have typically been unaffordable for the average family. That is until now. In recent years the cost of solar has dropped significantly, making it possible for most homeowners to use solar power to greatly reduce their carbon footprint.

Why is this such a big deal? Many people will tell you that global warming is the principal reason to reduce emissions, while others will deny that manmade global warming is even real. As a clean energy company, we are firmly on the side of science. Solar power not only reduces your carbon footprint but also makes a significant impact to cleaner air.

Millions of Americans suffer from lung-related diseases including asthma, COPD, emphysema, and others. These lung diseases can significantly impact quality of life and are severely impacted by poor air quality. One person with COPD described it as trying to breathe through a wet pillow. Lung disease can transform a normally active person into a sedentary one. Air quality is impacted by a number of factors, but pollution from fossil fuels, whether from vehicles or power plants, is one of the major contributors to air pollution. Reducing the production of fossil fuel waste helps improve air quality for everyone.

Many people may wonder why improving air quality is so important. In the United States, it is common for the largest energy consumers to live the furthest away from production plants. Because of this the waste from fossil fuel production disproportionately impacts lower-income areas, where people are already more vulnerable to its ill effects because of reduced access to quality health care. The Covid-19 pandemic brought this sad reality into the spotlight.

By changing to a solar-based power system, people can not only lower their personal electric bills and reduce their own carbon footprint, but also help contribute to meaningful change throughout their entire community. We call that kind of solution a win-win!

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