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Business Solar Panels In NJ

Benefits of Solar Panels on Commercial Buildings

You already know that solar panels are a great way to save money on your residential electric bills. They can often produce enough electricity to keep you energy independent. You might even make enough electricity to sell it back to the grid. However, you may not realize you can get many of the same benefits from solar panels on commercial buildings.

Flat Roofs and Solar Panels

One of the first questions people ask about commercial solar is whether the panels can be installed on flat commercial roofs. The answer is absolutely. We can install solar panels on all types of buildings, including commercial buildings with flat roofs. We just have to customize the installation to your roof type. That means looking at sun exposure, optimizing placement, and ensuring that the solar panel placement does not interfere with your ability to access other parts of your roof.

Solar Is a Great Investment

Solar offers some of the best return on investment (ROI) you can get for improvements to a commercial building. That is because the solar system pays for itself over time with energy savings. Plus, the lifespan of your solar system should outlast your payments by more than a decade. It makes solar a fabulous investment.

If you go to sell your property, you will see another benefit of solar. Not only do commercial buildings with solar sell for higher prices, but they also sell faster. That can lead to a tremendous financial advantage for property owners.

Hedge Against Inflation

Energy costs have risen tremendously in the last few years. They will probably continue to rise. Getting solar for your commercial building can result in immediate savings. Even better, you will probably save even more money as energy costs rise. That can make it easier for you to budget.

Tax Advantages

You may qualify for tax advantages. In addition to federal tax credits, states and local areas may offer their own credits or incentives for going solar. When you contact us at NJ Solar, we can help you find programs that may benefit you.

If you want to learn more about solar panels or the benefits of them on commercial buildings, feel free to check out our FAQ or get in contact with us today!