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Solar Energy System

Are Solar Panels Worth the Investment?

We have previously debunked the myth that solar is worse for the environment than using fossil fuels. While solar panels do take energy to produce, they more than offset that in terms of their production of green energy. However, solar panels are a significant financial investment. Many people want to know if that investment is worth it. Here are the reasons we think it is.

Our Electric Grid is Vulnerable

Think that we’re not susceptible to a grid-wide power outage that takes people offline for days? Talk to the folks in Texas, who experienced just that for days at a time during a massive freeze this winter. While the Texas grid is separate from the nationwide grids, the concepts are the same. Rolling brownouts and seasonal blackouts already demonstrate a grid that struggles to keep up with demand. Getting solar takes some of the burden off of the grid and when paired with storage ensures that you will not be without power during those times.

The grid is not just vulnerable to high demand. It is also vulnerable to sabotage. Recently, we witnessed how hackers could stop the flow of gasoline to parts of the East Coast, creating a mini gasoline shortage until they got their ransom. Imagine a coordinated attack on the fuel used to supply electricity generators.

Electricity is Expensive

The cost of fossil fuel generated electricity is expensive. It is also expected to rise. In countries like the United States, we have managed to keep those rates artificially low because of tax incentives and other economic advantages for energy companies. However, with a finite supply, we simply cannot expect these low prices to continue. In fact, they have not. The increases in prices for gasoline and electricity have both exceeded the overall inflation rate since the 1970s.

Better for the Environment

No individual homeowner’s use of green energy is the key to stopping global climate change. However, if enough people and businesses adopt green energy practices, it can start to make a difference. We are already starting to see the devastating impact of global climate change. Superstorms not only cost billions of dollars in damages, but also threaten lives, and they are only getting worse. Add to that the loss of habitat for wildlife, the threat to Earth’s clean water sources, and the loss of habitable land for the most economically vulnerable population, and it is clear we have to do something. Adopting solar energy for your home is one small step you can take to help reduce your personal carbon footprint.