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A Solar Installer Answers Customers’ Top Questions

A Solar Installer Answers Customers’ Top Questions

People often ask (or should ask) the same questions when choosing a solar installer. While we are happy to answer any questions you may have, even the ones we answer in this article, we thought we would put together an FAQ for your convenience.

  1. Do you have references?
    We have handled over 2000 solar projects in the area and are happy to find some that are local to you for you to look at. We also have clients who are happy to discuss their decision to go solar and their experience with NJ Solar Power! You can start with checking out some of our Google reviews.
  2. Do you offer financing?
    Yes, we do. We offer financing for our residential and commercial customers. We have several different plans, such as a federal solar tax credit, and they include no upfront costs for customers.
  3. Do you perform shade analysis?
    You will hear different terms from different solar installers. We use the term feasibility analysis. This analysis looks at the actual sunshine (or actual shade) that you get in various locations to determine whether it is cost effective to install solar panels in various areas. We base our project on those projections and can provide you a detailed explanation of the results of your feasibility analysis.
  4. Do you have a maintenance package?
    You will not need what you might think of as a traditional maintenance package. We are a full-service solar company and can handle your maintenance and inspections. Our products are backed by a top-tier 25 year warranty.
  5. What products will you use in my project?
    We get this question, frequently. Every system that we install is custom-designed for your specific needs. We are a Panasonic Elite Dealer and an LG Pro Partner. All accessory parts are selected based on durability, cost, and cost-to-replace to give our customers the best value. We can provide all parts and spec information in a detailed estimate of the project.
  6. Do you use contract workers?
    We maintain a team of installers who work directly for our company. However, there are scenarios where we might need to hire a sub-contractor to handle part of an installation. We are happy to discuss any of those choices with you.
  7. How much will I save with solar?
    That depends on the size of the project and your electricity usage. However, most people see a ROI in six years.