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Industry dominance, NJ–focused expertise and proprietary energy technology make us the best choice for solar in the tri–state area.

Financial savings for your business or household

Eliminate dependence on conventional electricity

Green technology yields quality of life for future generations

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Together with the State of New Jersey, we built the guidelines for solar and became the forefathers of solar energy. Since its inception, we've been the leaders of solar energy in New Jersey and our stellar reputation is unsurpassed by others.

For all your solar power requirements, you only need NJ Solar. Contact us today to speak to one of our solar experts and receive a customized quote tailored for your home or business.

RESIDENTIAL SOLAR is now easy and affordable.

Reduce your Electric Bills

Why Rent when you can Own?

2X the Savings of a typical Lease

Financing as low as 1.99%

A COMMERCIAL SOLAR PLAN enables you to benefit from reduced and predictable costs.

Significantly reduce expenses

Guaranteed ROI

Partner with a renewable energy expert to maximize your energy cost savings

Why rent when
you can own?


TWICE the savings of a typical Lease

SREC Rebates and Tax Benefits to You!

Before you do anything solar speak to a NJ SOLAR expert and receive a complimentary quote comparison >>